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Book I
The Power Behind These Glyphs is the Creator

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs contains glyphs that can: resolve any bacterial or viral illness; remove any heavy metal or other toxic matter from the body; remove fear, resentment, anger, sadness and more from the cellular memory; rapidly heal damaged tissue and bones; repair damaged nerves; remove things blocking your abundance; help remove negative entities; help remove karma and much more (a total of 30 glyphs).

All proceeds of the sale of these books will be used for Holy Ground Farm, Inc. a non-profit organization that supports education opportunities for children.

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Book II
A New Language of Light has come on to the Planet

Sacred Symbols of Light contains glyphs that can: regenerate bones and cartilage; remove harmful vaccinations; heal eye diseases, heal heart, lungs and other organs and glands; restore health to the female reproductive system; repair or regenerate damaged muscles and connecting tissues; restore and heal the male reproctive system; resolve nerve damage; transition to Light malignant cells and heal the damaged area; resolve the infection of an absecessed tooth; detect allergies in the body and promote healing to the affected area; and much more (a total of 35 glyphs).

The symbols in "Sacred Symbols of Light" and Jean's first book, "Unlocking the Power of Glyphs" were given her by the Creator, to help ease the suffering and prepare humankind for the changing energies to come.

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Book III
"Symbols of the Dawn"
Available End of 2014

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Through the ages, civilizations have used symbols to draw power to their leaders. These symbols were energized in sacred ceremonies. Now you can harness this tremendous power yourself through these glyphs.